-Evaluated as the main result of K-defense and government-wide Corona 19 response measures

-WB, Korea case study, health expert dispatch, etc.

□ With the spread of Corona 19 around the world, the Korean government has been closely negotiating with Korea to share* its corona response experiences with developing countries through the World Bank.

□ Recently, the World Bank (WB) highly appreciated Korea's advanced medical level and successful K-prevention experience,

ㅇ WB Victoria Kwakwa, Vice President of East Asia/Pacific, and Vice President of Human Development, Annette Dixon, sent a letter to the International Economic Management Office of the Ministry of Strategy and Finance.

"The World Bank was impressed by the actions of the Korean government and its people to respond to Corona 19, and there are many lessons other member countries will learn from Korea's experiences," he said.

 ㅇ Korea was selected as the World Bank (WB) “emergency medical designated country”,
추진Promote a case study on Korea's response to Corona19, 을Provide concrete cooperation measures between Korea and WB, such as the deployment of WB Korea office (Songdo) by WB health experts (consultant).
Has been delivered to our government.

 ㅇ It was decided that Korea would be selected as a “medical evacuation destination”*, which is responsible for treatment in emergency medical situations of WB East Asia Pacific employees.

□ In the meantime, the World Bank (WB) has selected and operated Thailand and Singapore as “designated countries for emergencies” by considering social infrastructure such as medical level, accessibility, and safety.

 ㅇ Considering adding Korea as a way to diversify the targets of “emergency medical designated countries” after Corona 19,

The government actively responded by promptly responding to WB inquiries through close consultations between related ministries (eg, equipment, welfare, etc.) so that Korea was selected as a “emergency medical designated country”.

□ The selection of this “emergency medical designated country” has provided a foundation for medical treatment in Korea in the event of emergency medical conditions of WB employees, families and business travelers working in 29 countries in the WB East Asia Pacific region, including the Philippines, Cambodia, Mongolia and Vietnam. .

ㅇ Urgent care is needed because the scope of treatment is possible
이외에 In addition to general trauma such as injuries, there are various acute and sever

e diseases and chronic diseases (cancer, diabetes, mental trauma, etc.)

Korea's medical technology is recognized internationally and is expected to contribute to expanding inbound medical exports.

□ In the future, the government will make full use of the power of the Korean Medical (K-Health) brand secured as a designated country for K-prevention and WB emergency care.
We will continue to look for ways to cooperate in international cooperation to improve economic performance.


ㅇ In particular, strengthening
Establishing a cross-government cooperation plan by mobilizing various foreign economic policy measures such as ODA, trade, and promotion
Health and medical sector export and competitiveness enhancement plan
We plan to continue making arrangements.

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